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Measure Tools

Measure everything with your phone!

Find Out:
📦   What size is your furniture??
🙆‍   How tall someone is?
🏠   How much space you have?
🚪   Will you new desk fit through the door?
🛌   Does the new bed fit your room?
  and a lot more!
*Requires an A9 processor or heigher.
**Requires an ARCore compatible device.

How does it work?

The Measure Tools App sees unique points (the YELLOW DOTS appearing) in space and creates a true scale map of the environment. So we need:

🏁     A distinctive surface.    Avoid single color walls or floors.
💡     Enough light.    Avoid dark rooms.

4 different measuring tools

and counting
You can choose from the 4 different measuring tools to measure about anything. It is all about knowing how each works. For whatever you need to measure, one of them will do the job right. See how and when you should use them:
After measuring, always check that the app measured what you wanted to measure. Move with the device in a different position, pointing at the segment. If it stays put, your measurement is good. If it is actually floating in space somewhere else, try again, getting closer to the objects.

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Measure Tools is an app designed for devices with an A9 processor or newer, running iOS 11 or newer. It uses Augmented Reality to analyze the environment and provide measurements. App was fully developed by We are an app development studio specialized in augmented reality experiences.